William Soares Pinto William Soares Pinto – Hubpeople Ltd.

William Soares Pinto William is a Business Development & Sales Manager for award-winning private dating label platform, HubPeople. Speaking an impressive four languages, William’s presence at many of the world’s high profile adult industry shows makes him a valuable source across the global online dating scene. With a talent for improving user engagement and increasing conversions, William’s passion lies in adopting a flexible approach across different businesses – enabling him to create a bespoke service to cater to each of their unique needs.

HubPeople operate thousands of private label dating sites and is the only provider with a completely responsive, multi-device white label solution for dating. HubPeople has fast become one of the industry’s top leaders in online dating with about 4 million members worldwide and counting. The success of HubPeople has been driven by great win/win relationships with partners, the latest in dating platform design & technology, and exceptional customer experience and support. HubPeople has the longest paid member retention rates in the industry. Partners are able to focus on the branding and marketing side of their new business, confident that the HubPeople platform does, and always will, deliver the highest customer conversion and satisfaction rates which are keep to success.

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