Florin Simovici Florin – CEO of TubeAdvertising.eu

Simovici Florin started to work in the Internet Marketing Industry in 2010 offering Seo Consulting and Linkbuilding services to different small and medium companies from Romania and Italy.
Florin joins the Affiliate Marketing Industry at the beginning of 2011, the “golden times” of the mobile traffic and worked with many top mobile affiliate networks for a few years.
Today Florin is the CEO of TubeAdvertising.eu and TrafficManager.com, two different products but well related between them.

– TubeAdvertising.eu is an Affiliate Network based in Romania, that counts over 2000 publishers monetizing their traffic worldwide with them. The TubeAdvertising affiliate Network deals with around 300 million clicks every month and has as Top Geo’s: Romania (Where they have exclusive in-house offers), Italy, France, Germany, Uk, India, Spain, and some Arabic countries.

– TrafficManager.com: In 2016 Florin and his partners create another project well related to the affiliate industry, and affiliate tracking platform that was built for the TubeAdvertising Affiliate Network and will soon become a successful product thanks to the great innovative features, the fair price, and the awesome support Florin and his team provide for it. This great tool can be used by any person that wants to build his own affiliate program or affiliate network and doesn’t know where to start from, doesn’t understand “the game” and want’s to learn how to promote his or 3rd party products.

Beside this, Florin and his partners have a squad of over 20 persons that work with them at the old and new projects: HTML and PHP developers, content writers, SEO consultants, media buyers, etc. He put together a strong team and created great chemistry between them and his plans are to grow even more.
Their last project is Cards4Ads.com, a Virtual Credit Cards solution for media buyers that already have success and they promise to bring this product on a very high level, but you will hear more about this in the near future!

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