Antony Quaife Antony Quaife – Limited

Antony Quaife, the CEO and Founder of, brings over fifteen years of experience in financial markets and international payments. A large portion of Antony’s career was to build new financial products for some of the world’s largest financial institutions: Cantor Fitzgerald and MF Global. This included operations, treasury, compliance, sales, trading, credit and risk.

With the knowledge and experience gained in these fields, Antony opened his own FX Brokerage in 2009. Recently, however, Antony has ventured into online card payments. He saw a gap in the market for international card processing and due to there being no real-time FX hedging mechanism for foreign credit cards, took it upon himself to create one.

Antony’s current company has recently added an additional service, online banking, to help industries considered high risk.

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