Alastair Alastair Graham – AgeChecked

Alastair Graham is the Founder and CEO of AgeChecked, the online age verification solutions provider.

Alastair has been closely involved with the development of age checking legislation in the UK. He sits on the Digital Policy Alliance Age Verification Working Group and on the British Standards Institute’s Steering Committee for the Publicly Available Specification on age checking.

The adult company, Erika Lust, has already implemented our independent age verification on its website – with its online visitors now passing through the AgeChecked system on a daily basis.

About AgeChecked:
At AgeChecked we believe truly anonymised age verification is vital to maintain the freedoms of online citizens whilst providing a safer environment for children. AgeChecked creates solutions to meet the needs of organisations with online child protection as a business requirement. Our services allow website operators ensure their customers are of an appropriate age to gain access to their products or services. AgeChecked enables its clients from around the world to conduct their online businesses responsibly without fuss.

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