Seo and Linkbuilding in 2017

Let´s talk about SEO techniques with experienced webmasters.

1. WordPress tubes vs Custom script! WordPress is still a solution?

2. HTTP VS HTTPS , is making any difference?

3. The importance of the advertising methods you use to monetize your traffic and the sponsor offers for your site’s healthy

4. The importance of CTR and how can i increase it for my sites

5. The importance of the user’s interaction on our site and how can we involve the users to interact with our content or even share it!

6. Do Link Exchange still works for SEO

7. Understanding Google’s Panda and Pinguin algorithms and how to recover your site after being penalized

8. Pop-ups and popunders will hurt my sites and rankings?

9. Branding or EMD?

Location: Boardroom 1 Date: 20. June 2017 Time: 16:00 - 16:45 Marius Bodea Marius Bodea – Florian Simovici Simovici Florin – CEO of