Affiliate Registration

Rules for the Gaelic Affiliate Pass (please read carefully)

Who can apply for a sponsored affiliate pass?

Anyone whose PRIMARY FUNCTION in the Online Entertainment Industry is the one of being an “affiliate” (“webmaster”). This includes: Individual Affiliates, Individual Webmasters, Individual Bloggers, Individual SEOs, Review Sites and similar.

If you have any kind of product to sell and/or advertise, you are not an affiliate for us and can not get the Affiliate Ticket. Anyone, who works for a company or is the owner of a company with more than 1 employee does also not fit our requirements for this kind of ticket.

The Gaelic Affiliate Ticket has been made for “little”, one-person affiliates, whos only job is to produce organic traffic and send it to affiliate programs to convert it into money.

Please be fair and apply for this ticket only, if it really fits for you. Otherwise, please just book the standard Ticket for our show. Thank you very much.

The Gaelic Affiliate ticket is available for 99 Euro. Invoice will be send to you within 48 hours, after payment we will send the ticket to your email adress. See you in Ireland soon!

Gaelic Affiliate Pass Order Form:

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