Testimonial Laura Siempre

„The Gaelic Conference is one of my favourite shows. The location is perfect, all the activities were really fun and especially good for networking with old clients and potential new ones. The organisation is spotless and friendly. I super-recommend this conference, no matter if you are a small or a big company, you have to […]

Testimonial Stephen Winyard

„I will be attending the Gaelic Conference again in 2019, because it’s worth it. Whilst it’s not a large event by numbers of people, it was of tremendous value as I was able to spend time with people and that is something you find difficult to achieve with other shows. Roland makes sure the balance […]

Testimonial Simovici Mihai-florin

“Roland did a great job in the past years shows gathering the most important figures of the industry in the wonderful Ireland. We had so much fun there, met great people and made a lot of business. we will come again for sure!”